Welcome to The Last Wilderness

Hello and welcome to The Last WildernessIMG_4728.

This is my first blog post and I wanted to use it as a chance to introduce myself, the idea behind ‘The Last Wilderness’ and what you can expect to read, view and watch on this blog.

My name is Kate, I am a Devon girl born and bred but home for me is now the beautiful coastline and mountains of South Wales. Growing up we never went on ‘normal’ family holidays…summers were spent backpacking and tramping over every mountain and valley my Dad could drag us over or through, tents took the place of hotels, food consisted of digestive biscuits, squeezy cheese and meals that came from a bag and as for a pool…what’s that? On several occasions various concerned family members threatened to call child services for what they could only see as blatant child abuse and whilst at the time I moaned, winged and cried something must have rubbed off because now enjoying and appreciating the incredible planet that we live on is at the centre of everything I do both in my free time and in my work as a documentary filmmaker.IMG_3341

I want to share this passion with others, take them to amazing places, teach them about fascinating cultures and ultimately try to impart some of the love that I have, because it is knowledge, love and appreciation for the wild that will encourage people to fight for its protection

The Last Wilderness is my outlet for this. I want to make films, take photographs and write articles all about the mountains, the forests, the oceans and the countless number of incredible people and cultures that try to live in harmony with nature. Some of the things on here will be pretty fun, others maybe more serious but they all go towards the same goal – teaching people about the amazing planet we live on, instilling in them a sense of adventure and appreciation and encouraging them to get out and enjoy the worlds wild places for themselves.IMG_2451


Dawn 2


One thought on “Welcome to The Last Wilderness

  1. Beautiful introduction to your blog! Excited to go on a visual and literary journey with you through all the amazing places you’ve had the opportunity to visit as well as the incredible people and cultures you’ve encountered along the way.

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